The Aztecs were a  great and strong civilization. They invented a lot of things which is still used today. Their ways of livings are very unique, and their civilization lasted a very long time . This is some basic information on the Aztecs to give you a vision of their lives.
  The Aztec were American Indians they were finding new place to live. They came from Alaska during Ice -Age. Aztecs were very good hunters. After a long time they finally found a place to settle and soon they started to build. The Aztecs settled in Valley of Mexico in 1320s and it wasn’t really good land for farming. The Aztecs’ greatest city was called Tenochtitlan it had lots of huts on a rock in a swampy lake called Texcoco.
My classmates and I started to learn about different civilization, Aztecs, Incas and Mayans. Here is some information about the Aztec Government. 
  If the any of the Aztec were caught drunk, they had to shave their head.
  Before the prisoners had to be judged, the Aztecs soldiers had to carry them in a wooden cage to the judge to get the judgment. 
(Macdonald, Fiona . Step into History – The Aztec & Mayan
All the laws were written and so was the punishment, if anyone broke the law the punishment will be ( for some of them) DEATH.            
   People sometimes do something wrong and  don’t tell the truth about it, so the Aztec government made a law called “forgiveness law”. The forgiveness law only happens if the criminal confess their crime.  
  The Aztec’s culture played a big part in their world. Some parts of it can be very heart-warming, while the others can be very violent and heartbreaking. Let’s see some of the parts of their culture.
The Aztec girls got married in the age of 16 and men in the age of 20.  

The way Aztec people marry.

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  The Aztec’s religious customs played a big part in their culture.  Their religion was very violent. They believed that the sun went to hell everyday, so they had to make human sacrifices to keep it alive. Four priests held the victim by his/her limbs, while the 5th priest used a knife and cut the victim’s chest open and pulled out the beating heart. The heart was burned as a sacrifice, while the body got thrown down the temple and eaten by warriors. The Aztecs  thought that practicing cannibalism would make them stronger.
The Aztecs sometimes settled wars by playing a ball game called Ullamaliztli. The team that lost the game would be sacrificed. All their festivals were religious-based. Their music instruments were mostly percussion(except flute). In marriage, the husband and wife had to tie their clothes together because the Aztecs believed that when married, your lives are tied together.
The Aztec’s main diet was tortillas. Tortillas are hard pancakes. They are usually eaten with tomato and spicy bean stew. The Aztecs also ate chocolate. This chocolate was a spicy hot chocolate drunk by the higher classes. It was spicy because they did not have sugar. They also ate popcorn, potato, and if you’re 70 or above you coulddrink alcohol.
The Aztecs people wore their clothes according to their socio-economic class. Slaves wore a piece of loincloth while the common people wore it with a cape. The higher class people like commander and head officials wore the same set of clothe with a lot of colorful decorations. Women wore sleeveless blouses with wraparound skirts. Soldiers wore eagle and jaguar costumes made out of animal skin.
  • Aztecs settled in the valley of Mexico in the 1320s.
  • 1521 Aztecs got attacked by the Spaniards.
  • In 1345 they moved to a island in lake Tex coco.
  • In AD 1100 Aztecs their homeland and moved south to find a new place.
  • The Aztecs lived in the land called Tenochtitlan.


  • Aztecs they didn’t have money but they used to trade things.
  • Aztecs had to offer things to the Kings as taxes.
  • Aztecs had one of the greatest markets, even Italians got  shocked how good it was organized.
  • Poor people had to farm and the rich had the good stuff.


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